Niyáwë skênöʼ


Welcome to the Tonawanda Reservation Historical Society

Our organization was established to preserve and disseminate the history of the Tonawanda Seneca Indian Reservation for our people, for the generations yet unborn, and for the education of non-Indians about our culture.

The Tonawanda Reservation is a thriving community in Basom, New York. The traditional government operates out of the tribal office. Preschool and elementary-aged children learn the Seneca language and culture through a nation language program. Businesses include restaurants, gas stations, and smokeshops. A merchants’ association also provides assistance to individuals and community organizations. Logan Field is home to the Tonawanda Braves lacrosse organization. There are two churches – the Tonawanda Indian Baptist Church and the Tonawanda Indian Presbyterian Church. And there is a Longhouse where traditional ceremonies continue to be held, as they have since the days of Handsome Lake.